We created this beautiful product to help women to look after their breast health by checking in daily for any lumps or bumps.
Self Care & Connecting to yourself by checking your assets will alert you to any changes in your boobs.
The benefit of using Boobylicious is that you also get the added bonus of firmer skin as our beautiful blend is made with women in mind.

Boobylicious is a natural support, as it conditions the skin and its aroma has an uplifting fragrance. It’s ingredients harness the power of Mother Nature.

It contains a blend of natural essential oils in Sweet almond and Evening Primrose oil.

Sweet Bay which is reputed to support the circulation whilst boosting the natural defence mechanisms of our body as we apply the blend with a gentle massage.
Exotic grasses to support the skin of the décolleté, improving tone and firmness.
Rose and Jasmine florals to enhance feminine energy and confidence with uplifting aromas.
Fruity citrus infusions to bring a tang of refreshing sweetness to the skin.
Spicy Frankincense to support and maintain the youthfulness of the skin and soothe the emotions, calming to the mind as it is inhaled.


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