Boobylicious - Molly Burton-Brown

I had breast cancer, my sisters both have breast cancer. Three sisters who needed hope, we needed strength and we needed prayers. With a strong faith and an open mind, I enlisted my sisters and an old childhood friend to help me develop “Boobylicious ” to raise awareness of the importance of breast care. A product that will encourage every woman or man to really know their body and recognise any early changes. 

Boobylicious Bust Oil does not aim to cure; it is not medicinal, nor does it hope to replace any of the treatment or Therapies that are essential to treating this brutal condition. 

Instead it is a natural cosmetic of specially blended ingredients, which can be used safely, gently and soothingly on your bust and body daily. It is designed for those of us who enjoy looking after our bodies and helps us to remember to check for changes. Boobylicious is a natural support, as it conditions the skin and its aroma has an uplifting fragrance. It’s ingredients harness the power of Mother Nature. 

It contains a blend of natural essential oils in Sweet almond and Evening Primrose oil. 

Sweet Bay which is reputed to support the circulation whilst boosting the natural defence mechanisms of our body as we apply the blend with gentle massage. Exotic grasses to support the skin of the décolleté, improving tone and firmness. Rose and Jasmine florals to enhance feminine energy and confidence with uplifting aromas. Fruity citrus infusions to bring a tang of refreshing sweetness to the skin. Spicy Frankincense to support and maintain the youthfulness of the skin and soothe the emotions, calming to the mind as it is inhaled. 

This well studied combination of aromatic ingredients will enhance your daily routine and encourage you to be breast aware.