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Aroma Retreats

Connection is at the heart of our business

Connection is crucial for our wellbeing, connection to self, others & nature. Aroma Retreats events are our way to empower and educate, we want to share knowledge and learn together whilst having fun.

Aroma Retreats - The Story

Aroma Retreats by Tina Robinson, a meditation teacher and Beverley Higham, a leading Aromatherapist offers visitors the chance to learn about Aromatherapy whilst having fun. Our events empower and educate.

During our events, you will develop a basic knowledge of aromatherapy. You’ll learn all about this in the presence of our master blender, Beverley Higham.

Boobylicious - Molly Burton-Brown

I had breast cancer, my sisters both have breast cancer. Three sisters who needed hope, we needed strength and we needed prayers. With a strong faith and an open mind, I enlisted my sisters and an old childhood friend to help me develop “Boobylicious ” to raise awareness of the importance of breast care. A product that will encourage every woman or man to really know their body and recognise any early changes. 

Boobylicious Bust Oil does not aim to cure; it is not medicinal, nor does it hope to replace any of the treatment or Therapies that are essential to treating this brutal condition.